Chief Keef’s FilmOn Music Record Deal Now Suspended

blame it on JES7 November 29, 2015

It’s no secret that I absolutely detest Chief Keef‘s music. The levels of ignorance in his music are through the roof. That does not mean I hate the guy; heck, I don’t even know duke. However, I’m also not one of those Chief Keef music haters who would take this current situation he’s currently stuck in and take slights at him for it.

Rather, I’d very much like to give the young man some advice: watch the company you keep, and slice off the unnecessary fat that clings to you just to get a rep, or whatever. What am I rambling on about here? Well, it was recently reported to a certain gossip outlet that Keef’s record contract with Alki David’s FilmOn Music company has been suspended. Whether infinitely or indefinitely remains to be unseen, but the blame shifts from Keef to his (mis)management company.

David, a Greek billionaire, noted that Keef’s management “went off and did a tour without our approval” and called his management team shady. David also reiterated that “he still believes in the rapper’s career. Keith is a fucking rap superstar” and doesn’t place any blame on Keef.

It’s f*cked up to take advantage by throwing an unauthorized tour on someone else’s dime, despite how shady things are in this industry, and now, it’s not Keef’s management that has to deal with the repercussions, it’s Keef. What this means for future album releases remains to be seen, but fans can relax in the safety net of knowing the Chicago trapper will still churn out mixtape after mixtape.