John Legend – “Under The Stars”

blame it on Patrick Glynn December 1, 2015

Have you ever closed your eyes at night and dreamed of experiencing a night under the stars with Chrissy Teigen? Don’t you dare say you haven’t. Luckily for John Legend, he actually gets to live out our dreams, and his life provides for great material for love songs of all kinds — intimate, heavy, soft, the kind you heard during the toughest and best kind of relationships and, now, the kind you hear around the holidays.

The stellar singer has teamed with Stella Artois for “Under the Stars,” a tune for the holiday season that was created by the actual noise that stars make. The beer company explained:

“Under the Stars” is a song literally inspired by and created with the stars. Scientists are able to record the sounds of the vibrations of stars, which are the sounds that inspired John Legend to create “Under the Stars” and are used in the actual song.

I have no doubt you’ll be hearing and seeing this in lovey-dovey commercials very soon.