Kids Ask Boogie About Becky & Cîroc, Easily the Best Thing You’ll See Today

blame it on Shake December 4, 2015

Boogie is next up on All Def Digital’s Arts & Raps; an ongoing series that sits artists down for a back-and-forth with a pair of adolescents.

Just so you know how this is gonna go down, “Have you ever turned down Becky?” is the first question Boogie is asked by young Dillan and DJ. From there, the Long Beach native fields questions about Cîroc, what it means to thirsty, and why people are afraid of Netflix & Chill—capping things off with an a capella performance of “Oh My” with the kids playing hype men.

The clip is just under four minutes long, and truly, every moment is worth watching. I’ve been a fan of Boogie’s music since the first time I heard his Thirst 48 EP, but this just made me a fan of Boogie the man. There’s a lot you can tell about a person in the way they interact with kids. From his songs, you get the feeling he’s a great father—but this just solidified that for me. Salute to you, man.

If you enjoyed the segment, other episodes feature Warm Brew (What Is a Side Chick?), Rome Fortune (What is Truffle Butter?), KYLE (What Is A Thot?), and SPZRKT (Do You Eat the Booty Like Groceries?) as well.