Jeezy Joined CNN To Discuss Gun Laws & Prison Reform

blame it on Patrick Glynn December 4, 2015

CNN has been no stranger to bringing on people from the hip-hop community to share their beliefs and opinions — KRS-One was on the show earlier this week, T.I. and Trinidad James have been on the network before. With unrest and racism as alive as ever, the pastor rolls through to discuss gun laws, public perception of mass shooters’ race and prison reform in a short segment.

Jeezy pointed out that when a Muslim shoots people, the general population blames the influence on religion followed with black people’s influence coming from the culture and white people’s influence coming from nowhere — they’re lone wolves. He continued saying that there should be laws to stop mentally unstable people — the ones who usually commit mass murder — from getting guns and better ways to get them help. There’s never a shortage of wise words.

Check out the segment below.