MistaSamurai Share Their Self-Titled EP

blame it on Patrick Glynn December 4, 2015

Seattle duo MistaSamurai, which combines the names of singer/rapper MistaDC and producer Samurai Del, have dropped their self-titled EP (released via everydejavu) full of intimacy, funk and love. The project lasts a shade under 15 minutes over the course of four songs, where MistaDC showcases his dual-threat abilities to sing and rap stories of past, present and future relationships over Samurai Del’s production, which ranges from spacious and airy to groovy, dusty and head-nodding.

Samurai Del shared a story of the curation of the project with the DopeHouse:

MistaDC and I met in middle school back in Kennewick, WA, a small ass little town. I used to rap and DC was on a couple mixtapes of mine in high school, so we’ve been making music on and off for awhile. I released an LP back in March, and we did a song called “Rose Petals” for it. That shit was a prequel for this EP.

This project was special to us because MistaDC really just used to rap, and I only made sample-based boom-bap up until this year really. We both grew a lot on this project — my production on this honestly surprised me, and DC became a damn good singer. All in all this EP was just incredibly defining for the both of us.

Stream the EP below, and head to Bandcamp to support the duo.