Get In Your “feels” With NYC-Reared Songstress wolftyla

blame it on Meka December 8, 2015

The rabbit hole of the Internets is a fascinating thing. One can end up searching for one thing and subsequently find something entirely different. It’s how anyone could go from reading about Cloud Strife on Wikipedia to, well, perusing Palimas.

(Ed. note: please, for the love of your job and/or 95-year-old great-grandparent, do not search “Palimas” if you are not in the privacy of your own personal quarters.)

Which brings me to my point. I was on the SoundCloud of yet another faceless musician (and, contrary to popular belief, not on Palimas), where I eventually stumbled upon the page of New York-based songstress wolftyla. Though only in possession of one song on her account, “feels,” the song has racked up nearly three million streams at the time of this piece. It turns out that wolftyla is a burgeoning viral and social media star, as her Vine page alone has over a billion loops. My guess is that she is signed to an unnamed yet major label, and is slowly but steadily building her brand and identity up from the minors. Sonically, “feels” is right at home with the current trend of “minimalist, alternative R&B” artists like Bryson Tiller, Jhené Aiko and PARTYNEXTDOOR employ in their own sound, and she definitely has a sound culled from or inspired by a Noah “40” Shebib session. However, that does not take away that the song is equal parts enjoyable and relatable as well.

I’m interested in hearing more from the up-and-comer, and not just from a social media standpoint.