SkyBlew x Scottie Royal – The Royal Blew Reverie (EP)

blame it on JES7 December 9, 2015

DopeHouse favorite SkyBlew‘s last outing, Race For Your Life, SkyBlew garnered more than enough praise from fans and new listeners – giving the gifted North Carolina emcee a fresh pair of ears.

Today, he returns with frequent collaborator and producer Scottie Royal for a brand new EP, The Royal Blew Reverie. I got a chance to sit with it and let it in soak in, and let’s just say, if you dug the lead single “Where In the World Is SkyBlew?,” you’re in for a real treat.

The Royal Blew Reverie! Dream Team, SkyBlew and Scottie Royal, joined forces again, to create an extraordinary body of work….

The Royal Blew Reverie leaves no doubt. Natural heat resounds from the very first note. SkyBlew adds his unique style to Scottie Royal’s organic productions with incredible grace. His rich musical layers provides the perfect backdrop for SkyBlew’s soft and melodic flow.

Sky and Scottie take us to the land of their inspiration. Through references to classic animations, the album is a mirror and follow up to many imaginations. In every second, SkyBlew proves to us how underrated of an artist he is (yet!). Puns, elaborate metaphors – neatly presented and served with professionalism. Sky surprises and moves us, and always keeps painting the Sky – Blew!

Scottie has put on his own unique style of production. All sounds have been chosen with precision craftsmanship. Outstanding guests help him to achieve perfection. The saxophonist TheDGTL and DJ Flovcut threw in their 3 cents, to further enrich these incredibly thoughtful songs. One cannot simply listen to them only once. It’s impossible to catch all that magnificent glory in one go.

The whole album is embellished with a wonderful and powerful cover, handmade by the talented comic book creator – CKnight. The artwork is channeling the mood of the album simply flawlessly!

The Royal Blew Reverie is a real feast for the senses. Music that will last for years. So press play, sit back and enjoy, cause now, It’s the time to keep dreaming!