G Herbo – “Retro Flow”

blame it on Meka December 10, 2015

Alongside producer DJ L, Lil Bibby and G Herbo (then named Lil Herb) formally introduced themselves with the decidedly apropos-titled “Kill Sh*t.” While deeply entrenched in its drill music roots, the song was notable for the two young musicians effortlessly rapping their heads off, employing polysyllabic and surprisingly dense lyricism in a genre where straight rapping isn’t particularly spotlighted. Since then the two have each achieved a respected level of success, yet have not strayed far from their lyrical styles.

Enter G Herbo’s latest release, “Retro Flow.” Backed once again by DJ L, Herb revisits the same rapid-fire from “Kill Sh*t” to deliver a hook-less soliloquy reminiscent of his debut song with Bibby. After balling like Kobe recently, G Herbo is poised to have a memorable 2016 and is simply wrapping up his victory lap with his “Retro Flow.”