Kids Ask KXNG Crooked About Women’s Butts, Loud Packs & More

blame it on Meka December 11, 2015

Remember how Boogie sat down with some adorable kids, and they proceeded to ask him about thirst traps and Becky? Well, All Def Digital returns with a new installment of Arts & Raps, and this time they’ve invited KXNG CROOKED to their couch to answer a couple of questions from Zay Zay and Jo Jo.

And by “questions,” it’s “say whatever pops into their head at that very moment.” When the first inquiry to Crook is…


…things can only get better from there. The two then proceed to ask the Slaughterhouse emcee everything, from his falling out of love with hip hop to a possible paternity issue with one of the kids, from the proper definition of the term “loud pack” to sizzurp abuse. Without spoiling things, the two ask KXNG CROOKED all kinds of things that only a young adult would understand, and everything is funny because of it.