Wale – “MVP (Bryce Harper)”

blame it on Patrick Glynn December 16, 2015

DMV native Wale gives a shoutout to Major League Baseball’s MVP Bryce Harper on his newest tune, where he essentially makes copious references to baseball, the Washington Nationals and his MVP-like persona.

Wale claims he as “everyone talking like I’m Bryce Harper” as he rides over Cheeze Beatz’s brag-inducing production. If you don’t follow baseball, Bryce Harper is an amazing young talent, but he’s kind of your everyday douche bag. A couple years ago that douche persona was inflated by his “that’s a clown question, bro” comments. He won the MVP award for the 2015 MLB season, so his ego rightfully won’t deflate anytime soon. Wale feels like his ego matches that of the MVP, so he made “MVP (Bryce Harper).” Overall, the Nationals seems to be the baseball team everyone loves to hate (and this is especially true coming from a Mets fan), and Wale has slowly become the rap version of that. If “MVP (Bryce Harper)” is any indication, though, he’s taking it on in full stride.

Listen to “MVP (Bryce Harper)” below.