Eric Bellinger Wants To ‘Dab On Christmas.’ Because Cris Carter.

blame it on Meka December 22, 2015

I’d wanted to blame Shad Moss and his asinine explanation at first. I definitely couldn’t point the finger at 2 Chainz for those sweaters (especially as they’re for a great cause). No no, I think I’m going to hold NFL Hall Of Famer Cris Carter accountable for the surfeit of the “dabbing” culture, for all of the wrong motives.

See, Cris first tried to snatch our souls (way before Steve Harvey and R. Kelly) when he referred to the dance Cam Newton has been seen doing after scoring a touchdown as the “bap” (as well doing “a little C or something to add a little stuff to it” at the end of the move):

And now we got everybody from NCAA coaches to Santa Claus bapping all the live long day. Speaking of jolly Saint Nick, Eric Bellinger has dropped a three-track P of X-Mas oriented songs, Dabbin’ On Christmas. Because Cris Carter*. Stream it below.

Eric also has a video for the title track, which has him and some of his friends dabbing in front of the White House and other national monuments in the nation’s capital. Because, why not?

* – clearly, I’m not being serious with this.