A$AP Yams’ Tweets Are Being Turned Into A Book

blame it on Patrick Glynn January 4, 2016

Two weeks from Monday, we will celebrate the one-year anniversary of the death of A$AP Yams. And on that day, officially declared “Yams Day,” a man by the name of Ajani Brathwaite will be doing his best attempt to remember the A$AP Mob founder by releasing a book of the late mogul’s hilarious, random and brash tweets called A$AP Yams Gems. According to Brathwaite’s site, all of the proceeds “will be donated to the family of A$AP Yams.”


I mean, this isn’t a bad idea, especially if you have family members missing out on the hilarity of Yams’ Twitter. How else would they know Yams would never marry Christmas? Or how his street name was really “StankyLeg Lopez“?

If you want to read Yams’ tweets online for free, you can do so here. If you want the coffee-table version of Yamborghini’s tweets and support his family in the process, you can pre-order the book for $40 here and it will drop on Yams Day.

Long Live Yams.