Meek Mill Is Actually Going Through With His “Back To Back” Freestyle…

blame it on Meka January 4, 2016

At this point Meek Mill quite literally has a larger cloud looming over his shoulders than his now-expired musical dispute with Drake, as he could face some rather significant jail time for violating his probation in late 2015 which has now prevented him from, well, simply doing his job as it was mandated that Meek cannot do shows or concerts from now until his February court date. Yet despite this he has still seemingly focused on attacking his friend-turned-rival, even after it has been unanimously decided that Drake won the musical battle. For those, like Meek, who don’t think so? The simple fact that “Back To Back” is the first rap diss song to be nominated for a GRAMMY is a testament of such.

So, it is a bit surprising (to say the least) that Meek is supposedly planning to drop his own “Back To Back” freestyle, using the same Daxz- and Noah “40” Shebib-produced instrumental also to do so. While the song may not even be a presumed “response” track, the song will still inevitably draw comparisons to the original because, well, he’s using the same Daxz- and Noah “40” Shebib-produced instrumental to do so. After first previewing the songs a few days ago, DJ Akademiks took to his Twitter to show off more clips of the song…

… as well as Meek’s take on another Drake song, this time taking his and Future’s “I’m The Plug.”

Akademiks did mention that the song felt like it “wasn’t new.” However, that would make things even weirder than it already is for a myriad of reasons: if it seems old, why drop it now? Either way, fans will see what the end result will be when Meek’s Dreamchasers 4 releases.