Year in Review: Staff’s Favorite Projects of 2015

blame it on Patrick Glynn January 5, 2016

Now that Meka and I have shared our favorites, here’s a look at what the rest of the crew was digging in 2015. – Shake

We aren’t a large staff here at the DopeHouse, but we’re an efficient one. I’m the newest addition to the now-five-person crew, along with veterans Ges and Illy and head honchos Shake and Meka (but you already knew that). As Meka (and the image above) already touched on when he and Shake revealed their favorite projects of yesteryear, these lists contain our FAVORITE projects—not necessarily the best, but ones that stuck in rotation because they match our fancy. Our lists include EPs and LPs, projects that had release dates and ones that dropped out of the blue, ones that brought us back to the 1950s and ones that brought us into the sound that will shape this generation.

There was a lot going on in 2015, but what I’ll remember most is this: the volume and speed at which music is coming out now. The year before last was relatively underwhelming after artists like Chance the Rapper, Childish Gambino and Mac Miller reminded us why hip-hop has a future and Kanye West and Run the Jewels reminded us of the deep-rooted content that’s fueled hip-hop from the past to now. Looking back, 2014 was kind of like the calm before the storm.

In 2015, every artist was trying to keep up with the next in terms of output. At the beginning of every week, we would remind each other of the projects that were set to come out on the week’s release date (It was Tuesday, now it’s Friday), but we all got used to the fact that the projected content would usually double by week’s end. Drake drops a mixtape here, Donnie Trumpet & The Social Experiment release a free project there. Future enters Beast Mode, Young Thug declares it Slime Season. Kendrick Lamar’s album “accidentally” dropped a few days early, Erykah Badu drops a couple days late with a mixtape based off a song that came out amidst the largest “beef” in hip-hop in years. It was no doubt overwhelming as a consumer let alone a blogger, but in the middle… Ah, you know the slogan.

Check out the lists below, and get ready for an even crazier 2016 in the months to come.


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