Kevin Hart & Ice Cube Ride Along With Conan O’Brien… Again

blame it on Meka January 6, 2016

Now that both Kevin Hart and Ice Cube have firmly implanted themselves in Hollywood’s collective conscience, there’s nothing left for them to do but… drive around with Conan O’Brien terrorizing unsuspecting individuals once again.

Similar to when they hired an Uber Lyft driver to navigate around town, the trio reconnected once again (this time in support of Cube and Hart’s new movie Ride Along 2). But this time, rather than hire an unsuspecting driver for this go-round Conan decided to “help” one of his staffers improve her driving skills… by terrorizing her with the others.

After Conan gives her some of the worst driving tips ever, which included cursing out other drivers that she passed and intentionally stepping on the brake button found in the passenger side of student driver cars, she ends up picking up Ice Cube and Kevin in an attempt to “learn how to drive with passengers.” What proceeds to happen is exactly what one would expect when there are three comedians in one car: getting coffee things go left really quickly as the three do their best to distract her from the very thing Conan was trying to “teach” her. The entire thing ultimately turns into one giant weed and Popeye’s run, and in the end the staffer ends up in the backseat sharing spliffs with Ice Cube. Best. Lesson. Ever.