RZA Responds To AIDS Pill Price Gouger-Slash-Douchebag Buying Wu-Tang Album

blame it on Meka January 6, 2016

Perhaps the one person in America who is more hated than 2016 Presidential candidate Donald Trump is (now disgraced) pharma bro Martin Shkreli. After securing his first-class ticket to Hades by purchasing the rights to and then increasing the price of a drug used by AIDs and cancer patients some 5,000% (which, shockingly enough, is perfectly legal), Shkreli was recently arrested on charges of securities fraud much to delight of, well, everybody with a moral compass and a compassionate conscience. While recently making news for expressing a desire to bail out/own Bobby Shmurda, it would be revealed that he was actually the purchaser of the exclusive, one-of-one album from the Wu-Tang Clan Once Upon A Time In Shaolin.

The RZA, who was unaware of Shkreli’s purchase, commented to the New York Times that a large portion of the money received from the deal would be given to charity. In a sit-down to Bloomberg Businessweek, Samurai Apocalypse spoke on how the two met, his reaction when he found out who exactly he was, his response to the disparaging comments Shkreli made in an interview, and more. RZA remains rather chaste answering the questions despite knowing everything, and instead tries to implore the douche to let the world hear the album.