Khary – “Zodiac” f. Masego

blame it on Patrick Glynn January 14, 2016

Khary (née Durgans), a Rhode Island native, continues his career post-last-name-drop, teaming up with Masego (making his second feature on the DopeHouse in as many days) for a bouncing, exploratory experience, “Zodiac.”

Khary’s music always comes along with a sense of vibrancy (see: “Ambidextrous,” “Smooth Talker“), and he spins the electronic-influenced production from Tedd Boyd into a flavor of his own. Whether he’s exuberating confidence in himself or someone else, Khary never seems to be worried he won’t get what he wants. Enhanced by Masego’s hook, which boasts the line “you met me at the right time/I’ve got a lot of girls calling on my line,” he never seems bothered by the fact that, even though she’s the one who seems to have him in the palm of her hand, he is the one who gets to make the deciding move. He’ll do fine if his music follows suit with this methodology.

Stream “Zodiac” below.