Stream Blak Madeen’s ‘Supreme Aftermath’ LP

blame it on JES7 January 16, 2016

In the Nation of Gods and Earths’ Supreme Lessons, there is a narrative about Yakub which tells the story of his discovery of magnetic attract. In the lesson, the big-headed scientist is told to be playing with two pieces of steel when he recognizes that one piece, which was found to be magnetic, attracted another piece of steel which had no magnetic properties. Translated in life lessons, this can be understood as A-alike repel, unalike attract.

This same lesson can be applied to Blak Madeen‘s new album, Supreme Aftermath – which has produced such singles as the Gift of Gab-featured “Long Way To Go” and “Guerrilla Soldiers” featuring Planet Asia.

Their fire-shaped and sharpened sword, forged of the finest steel represents the album, filled to the brim with knowledge and wisdom. The message they’re communicating is universally magnetic, much like the Moon’s pull on the tides. As Yusuf – 1 1/2 of Blak Madeen says: “One doesn’t need to be a Muslim or a Five Percenter or whatever to feel it. Music is universal.”

Stream the entire album below, then cop on iTunes, Spotify or TIDAL.