JSWISS – “Triple Threat Freestyle”

blame it on JES7 January 16, 2016
[Photo by Robert Adam Mayer]

NYC spitter JSWISS closed off 2015 with his Live At Pianos EP, in collaboration with The NightShift.

With new, original music in the pipeline for 2016, J sets warms things up with a new freestyle, “Triple Threat” which sees the talent-with-a-pen trying his hand over Slum Village‘s J-Dilla-produced “Look of Love.”

Peep the official lyrics below:

He got the whole world, in his hands
Going on a world tour with the key to the land
I get it in got drive like a key to sedan
Never say you can’t do that’s the key to the plan
My brother my brother my brother you know who you are?
You a king at least if you fall you are star
No bitch that’s queen our son be prince
If there’s rap up in heaven it must sound this

If there’s a god walking earth he would sound like Swiss
With some thorn covered handcuffs around my wrists
Cuz I fit the description of a worst nightmare
But don’t let it take a toll cuz life ain’t fair
Get it toll and fare I’m in the beat like the snare
Providing hits through the kicks of which I’m fully aware
Tryna knock me out my chair kick me out the throne
But I came well prepared with my base strong

Like it’s Charles Mingus in my ankles I’m well anchored
A pharaoh for the whole race I’m well favored
You can’t follow suit my man it’s well tailored
Get your own outfit your style ain’t out yet
I had love in the game since the outset
None match what I serve that’s with out net
I take my life offline and get live
Take a toke of my own damn breath to get high
Why lie

It’s tough how many is getting by
Having they whole life living just to survive
Me don’t wanna just stay afloat I gotta strive
Have the east coast rockin all down 95
Have the world wit it three sixty degrees
And have all the women’s dreams be visions of me
But no really, most important part of the plan
Is to be there for the fam and support who I can

But the real ones say Swiss do it for you
Don’t put me on the list cuz I’ll still come thru
It’s love, ain’t no boulder in life I can’t move
Support skill and drive dawg I really can’t lose