OnCue – “Time”

blame it on Shake January 20, 2016

With his next project expected to arrive this spring, OnCue returns with his first single of the year.

Produced by Mike Cuz, “Time” finds Cuey recounting his moves from November 2011 to September 2014—three of the most trying years of his life—and kicking depression to the curb as he pushes for a more positive future.

Check it out below and be on the lookout for OnCue’s Perfectly, Tragically, Flawed LP, dropping this spring.

You keep runnin round town
Like there’s nothing else to lose
So tell me what you found
Time don’t wait for you

We havent talked in a while
Shit I know it,
I been too damn wild,
I hate to show it,
At a lost for words, ironic cause im a poet
And These kids think im a hero
But nothing about me heroic

It all fucked up when I went and lost my Lois
Funny when lifes a bitch you take notice
1 year in 4 songs done, fuck Im bout to blow this
Telling Just the album coming but fuck that was my moment

Reminding myself like whyd the fuck you move out here?
Didntt you have some big point to prove out here?
Let me refresh you prove someone just like you
Someone walking in your shoes
Was never born to lose nah…

This rap shit been your heart since you were 9 boy
So stop being pussy shit get on your grind boy
I promise one day youll be a great
But keep up with these mistakes
A bitter man is in your grave

Its hard to watch your peers rap up on the TV Screen
You stuck at home refreshing gmail for some fucking beats
Waiting on a check to come so you can get some food to eat
Reading all your mentions and your fans thinking shit so sweet

Its even harder when you know that you could kill em all
Few wrong turns got em smiling cause they see you fall
I aint mad I aint salty
Im just giving you all me.
I’m giving you…all me…


Quit blaming Ceej and Jay…
Cause goddamn man This shits a fucking game
Someone told me a King don’t place blame…

But theres blood on all our hands
I’m just pointing out the stains.

And CJ, bro you know that I love you dog
Want you to know this world is yours
But only If you want it all…

another life forreal we were suppose to ball
seems like yesterday when we got the call

I’m sorry if you’re mad that I wrote this
its been bottled inside, I needed a prognosis
Havent talked to God, but writing this was the closest
And I heard the toughest battles go to his strongest soldiers so…

It wasnt all there faults
Forreal, I hit a deep depression
City tried to killed me, instead it taught me a lesson
If you want something you go get it your fucking self
And trust me you’re your own Devil of your own fucking hell and

Im Sorry, I wanted to make something timeless
Im Sorry I dont put bullshit on your timeline
Im hoping that they care enough just to rewind this
So they can at least further understand my mind
And if I die tomorrow at least that I was honest
Ever since I woke up underneath the skyline
Dont cry baby just please pay homage
Listen to your heart & motherfuck the guidelines…