Cousin Stizz – “Super Bowl”

blame it on Patrick Glynn January 22, 2016

AHHHHHH, THE WEEKEND IS HERE, Y’ALL. For whatever reason, I forgot today was Friday and was treating it like any other work day. But it IS Friday, which it’s the muthafucking WEEKEND.

If you’re not feeling as geeked up as I am, it’s because you haven’t hit play on Cousin Stizz‘s new banger, “Super Bowl,” which also reminded me THE SUPER BOWL IS TWO WEEKS AWAY. The Giants didn’t even get close to the Super Bowl and I’m excited for it. A week after the Super Bowl, SWISH will hit iTunes, along with the NBA All-Star weekend landing on our television sets—which is sure to come with some fuckery from Drake—and dammit, all these reminders came thanks to Cousin Stizz.

Life is moving so damn fast. But that’s okay, because we have songs like “Super Bowl” to help make it all worth it.