And Now, Ghostface Killah Responds To AIDS Pill Price Gouger-Slash-Douchebag Buying Wu-Tang Album

blame it on Meka January 22, 2016

Ghostface Killah is akin to that one surly family member that everyone equally loves, respects and fears, and we here at the DopeHouse are here for all of it.

Let’s be honest: the RZA gave a, well, very vanilla and safe answer when he was asked by Bloomberg Businessweek about his thoughts on disgraced pharma bro Martin Shkreli buying the one-of-one album from the Wu-Tang Clan, Once Upon A Time In Shaolin. It’s understandable why the RZA would answer in the way he did, sure, but some die-hard Clan fans were upset that his answer would be so chaste.

This is where Ghostface Killah comes in. TMZ came across Pretty Tony, and when they asked him about the douche monkey buying the album he responded in kind: he calls him a “sh*thead.” Repeatedly. Multiple times. He then goes on to decry Shkreli for hiking the AIDS and cancer pill Daraprim up some 5,000%, and that he should release the the album for the people.

And, he calls him a “sh*thead.” We here couldn’t think of a better description of the guy.