Jay Electronica Stars In ‘Music In Motion’ Short

blame it on Meka January 25, 2016

Jay Electronica puts out about as much music as the artist formerly known as Mos Def these days, but despite that he still remains a relatively relevant force in rap today. Still, the Best Rapper To Have Never Dropped An Album returns once again sans new tunes, but stars in a new short film for the Toyota Avalon.

Titled “Music In Motion,” the clip features Jay – and his go-to filmographer, director Jason Goldwatch – using rhymes to literally paint a picture, with the help of some bass-rattling speakings. This is dope – seriously, it is – and all, but you know what would b nice? if, I don’t know, we got the actual song that Jay is performing alongside the video’s instrumental. This continues to prove why Jay Elec is one of the most gifted and frustrating artists of all time.