Your Old Droog – “42 (Forty Deuce)”

blame it on Patrick Glynn January 26, 2016

With Times Square at the forefront, Your Old Droog delivers a tribute to both his affluent lifestyle and the intersection of Broadway and 42nd Street in New York City called “42 (Forty Deuce).”

Though the overall sound and theme of the song stretches back into the 1980s (there’s a notable sample in there, but I think my youth is stopping me from recognizing it easily), the Brooklyn native brings it to the 21st century with the description of his lifestyle: lit — just like Times Square. Ever since Droog entered the rap game (with endless comparisons to Nas), he’s been living in a world of his own. Whether he’s rapping about “Basketball & Seinfeld” or Mr. Goodbars, this man is making solid, entertaining rap music without a care of who’s listening.

Stream “42 (Forty Deuce)” below.