Busdriver – “BlondeCurd”

blame it on Patrick Glynn January 27, 2016

Photo: Emari Traffie

I’m a fool for leaving this in my inbox.

Busdriver, who released some of my favorite songs last year with “Worlds To Run” and “Ministry Of The Torture Couch” along with one of my top projects, Thumbs, released a loosie a week and a half ago called “BlondeCurd,” which was recorded in the same sessions Perfect Hair (he mentions “perfect hair” in the chorus) and Thumbs were.

“BlondeCurd” is a self-produced social commentary as Driver compares his hair (“full of twisted kinks”) to that of what deemed “perfect,” or one that’s “braided into gold” — you know,Rapunzel-like — with the injustice running far beyond what type of hair is sitting atop your head.

The song was released along with a limited release cassette of Thumbs, which you can purchase on Bandcamp. Stream “BlondeCurd” below.