Kids Ask Skeme If He Likes His Girls BBW, Everything Is Funny

blame it on Meka January 28, 2016

After asking questions the world desires to know – why Future mumbles, what is Becky, what is a loud pack, and the contents of dirty Sprite – the hysterically cute viral series “Art & Raps” returns with a new set of hostesses and a new guest: Skeme.

Things almost instantly go left when the first question the Duke is asked is about his preference of women. While Lael and Kiara ask him safe questions such as his job, the logistics of a hater, and the location of Ingleworld, they then proceed to wonder about why Hypnotiq isn’t popular anymore, what a groupie is, and other such philosophical inquiries. The thing is, Skeme is answering these questions in such a professional manner… to a pair of children. The stark dichotomy, particularly the confused looks on their faces, makes this entire thing even funnier.

The clear highlight is when he gets asked why he has so many haters; his G-rated answer is hilarious.