Meek Mill Disses Drake, Collabs With Future On ‘4/4 pt.2’ EP

blame it on 2DBZ January 30, 2016

This just can’t be a coincidence.

While much of the world was tuned in to the special edition of OVO Sound Radio, where Drake premiered his latest Meek Mill diss, “Summer Sixteen“—the Philly rapper immediately followed up with the second part to his 4/4 EP.

Like the original, Part 2 previews four more tracks leading up to the release of Dreamchasers 4. And just like the previous “4 before 4” set, the second installment also features plenty more shots at Drake.

“You ain’t write it’ nigga, we caught ya, can’t erase that shit / And you claimin’ you HOV now? Why you state that shit?”

The four-track EP also features guest spots from Future (interesting), Dave East, and T Dot illdude.

Check out the track, stream, and download below.

01 Fa Sho f. T Dot illdude (prod. MandoFresh)
02 Ricky (prod. Chopsquad DJ)
03 Slippin f. Future & Dave East (prod. Beat Bully)
04 War Pain f. Omelly (prod. Ben Billions)

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Catch you out in Brooklyn, get your chain tooken
My Philly boys will creep up on you when you ain’t lookin’
With your lil memes, I be with the real Queens
Screamin’ free the real Preem, we be doin’ real things

Your OVO chain, probably take that sh*t
Said dreamin’ wasn’t enough, we had to chase that sh*t
You ain’t ridin’ n*gga, we caught ya, can’t erase that sh*t
And you clamin’ you HOV now? Why you state that sh*t?
Man I hate that sh*t, n*ggas be talkin’ out they face
But soon as you body somethin’ they be singin’ like they Drake
Wait, n*ggas dancin’ like they fruitcakes
“Hotline Bling,” don’t get no bing up in this new Wraith
Pull up on the plug, swap that bag with the suitcase
DC4 on the way, that’s n*gga’s due date
Robbed you in your city and you told
Tory from the 6, you hatin’ on him, Lord knows
Culture vulture, now it’s time to pay the tolls
Soft as the lacrosse team, boy that’s word to HOV

When I met you, you was all on my d*ck
Asked me to hold the DC chain, now you on some sh*t
Omelly told me get it back cause he like “Boy’s a b*tch”
And I’m like “Let him get it took, cause we gon’ charge him trips”

The crazy thing about this, is that Meek somehow directly responded to a series of specific lines in Drake’s “Summer Sixteen”—but how? It took him days to respond the first time, now he got a full track out within 30 minutes? Or does he have someone on the inside feeding him OVO intel? My bet is on the latter.

UPDATE: Looks like I was right and, according to Meek Mill’s recent IG post, it was Quentin Miller who provided the heads up. Interesting.

The ghost writer told me! ?

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