Your Old Droog – “42 (Forty Deuce)” (Video)

blame it on Meka February 2, 2016

In the past (in its prime?), Times Square was known as not only the so-called “heart of the world” but also the epicenter of depravity. It wasn’t a shock to walk between 42nd and 47th and catch a fair amount of junkies, dealers, hookers and other such colorful characters walking up and down the blocks. Now the place is more known as one of the top tourists attractions on the planet, but it is still not without its assortment of weirdos.

Your Old Droog now takes viewers through Times Square in his new video, for “42 (Forty Deuce)”. A tribute to The Center of the Universe, Droog portrays a cast of Times Square mainstays in the clip: a “homeless” grifter, a grimy street hot dog chef, a pop-locking Elmo, and other such “amenities.” And yes, that is actually Droog breaking in the Elmo costume…