Watch The Trailer For ‘Miles Ahead,’ A Miles Davis Biopic w/ Don Cheadle

blame it on Patrick Glynn February 3, 2016

For years, Don Cheadle has been working on a Miles Davis biopic, Miles Ahead. He’s set to star in the film, it’s his directorial debut, he learned trumpet for the role, and he also helped produce the movie.

The movie is set to finally arrive April 1 after production on the film dated back to 2013, and it will follow Miles’ life toward the end of his storied career. A Rolling Stone journalist, played by Ewan McGregor, eventually joins the plot while doing a story on Davis’ life, eventually sticking around as an asset to Miles while he tries to find who stole one of his recordings. It seems like Miles Ahead, based on the trailer, is going to take on a similar flow as Get On Up!, a biopic about James Brown, where it shows bits and pieces of the trumpeter’s whole life while revolving around a central plot.

Watch the trailer above.