Watch The FADER’s Mac Miller Documentary, ‘Stopped Making Excuses’

blame it on Patrick Glynn February 5, 2016

Mac Miller‘s career as of late is one of the more low-key stories of championing public perception. Debuting with his party raps (“Donald Trump,” Blue Slide Park), Mac eventually slid into deep drug addiction, which was explored sonically on Watching Movies With The Sound Off. After moving into the realm of producing under the pseudonym Larry Fisherman, Easy Mac with the Cheesy Raps developed himself into a full-fledged and widely respected artist, and that was showcased on his latest effort, GO:OD AM. His career hasn’t come without its turbulence, though. The aforementioned drug addiction nearly stalled his career on top of nearly him.

The FADER‘s new documentary, Stopped Making Excuses, on the Pittsburgh native follows Mac in his New York City apartment recounting his career from surprising fame to now. Throughout, there’s some haunting footage of his rampant drug use, including sitting in a bath tub fully clothed saying he wasn’t on drugs but that “drugs are on me” and French Montana warning him about the cough syrup he’s excited to consume. While he admits he still gets fucked up, he claims he’s in a lot more control of his life than he was when he lived in Los Angeles.

When asked if he’s a real rapper, Mac confidently replied:

“I’m out here. I completely have confidence in my ability. I’m not tripping on having to over-flex for anything. I have accomplishments, and they speak for themselves; I have music, and it speaks for itself. Man, I must be a real rapper.”

Watch the 12-minute documentary below.