Sylvan LaCue – “Fall From Grace”

blame it on Shake February 5, 2016

The last year has been quite the ride for Sylvan LaCue.

After parting ways with Logic’s Visionary Music Group in December of 2014, the artist formerly known as QuESt was at a crossroads. He was losing his ambition to create. He detached himself from friends and family. The man was lost in his own world.

“It was sometime in late January of this year, & I was way too caught up in the Los Angeles lifestyle.” LaCue shared in a recent journal. “My ‘QuESt’ persona had taken a turn in a direction that was becoming too unfamiliar for my own good. I started drinking way more than I was used to, partying almost every night, dabbling into drugs [the worst]. I called it off with my longtime girlfriend due to distance. There were more unfamiliar faces appearing every single day, & I found myself in places I could barely recognize. I was lying to people I cared the most about, & making time for people who didn’t give a shit about me. It was all becoming a blur. The smoke & mirrors, the alcohol, the women, the industry. I cut off nearly all communication with friends & family back home in Miami. Things were getting absolutely out of control.”

Thankfully, Sylvan ended up falling in love with a PYT from Oakland (/no Lloyd) who helped the gifted emcee find himself. On top of inspiring a five-track EP—EVANGELINE—she convinced him to escape the madness of Los Angeles and plant his flag back in his hometown of Miami.

Still, in order for LaCue to take a leap forward, he realized he must first take a step back. And what better way for a musician to deal with their issues, than by creating music? With a four month block on all outside rap music, Sylvan locked himself in the studio with a mission to highlight the recent moments over the past year that have helped shape him into the man and artist he is today.

“I began transitioning from being a rapper, to an artist. Beautiful moments were created. Tears were shed, pain was felt, joy was released, & destiny ensued. This was possibly the hardest project to record from all angles, yet took the least amount of time to create as a whole. I barely slept, & we all lived off of espresso & stella ciders. [Don’t judge us]. I trusted myself, I doubted myself. I had breakdowns & suffered close deaths, but it was all worth it. God was pushing me somewhere, & I had to follow. He was forcing me to become greater than my own expectations for myself… Which ultimately meant….learning how to BE myself.”

Armed with new mindset, Sylvan is ready to roll out the campaign for his next album, Far From Familiar. Starting with the album’s first single, “Fall From Grace”—produced by “Caravan ’04” collaborator, Linzi Jai.

Check it out below and keep scrolling for the official artwork and tracklist to FFF.


01 “Loner” f. Linzi Jai
02 “Cruel World”
03 “Fall From Grace”
04 “Studio City”
05 “Emeryville”
06 “Lisa Bonet”
07 “Farley’s (Interlude)”
08 “Back To the City”
09 “Give Me the World”
10 “At What Cost?”