So, Warner Bros. & DC Entertainment Apparently Have Big Plans For Deathstroke

blame it on JES7 February 8, 2016

Ask any die-hard fan of The CW’s Arrow series which season they thought was the best, and chances are they will wholeheartedly agree on “Season 2.” That’s because aside from the much needed absence of the vomit-inducing love triangles/drama that seemed to plague much of the other three seasons, the second season introduced one of the series’ best antagonists: Teen Titans villain Slade Wilson, aka Deathstroke.

The flashbacks, contrasted with the season’s current timeline perfectly detailed the rise of Slade and his transformation into the intimidating mercenary/assassin Deathstroke, portrayed by Manu Bennett. Much of the character’s backstory and development stayed fairly true to comic book canon, particularly from the New 52 run, with a few minor exceptions such as Slade being of Australian descent. You had Bill Wintergreen, his former partner who originally donned the terrifying mask on Lian Yu and the origin of how he lost his right eye. Hell, even Ravager eventually showed up, albeit it was not his son, but instead Isabel Rochev, portrayed by Summer Glau.

While Slade was eventually captured and imprisoned deep underground on Lian Yu, he did reappear in the episode “The Return” during season three’s run. Now, it seems another reappearance of the brute, titular villain showing back up is slim-to-none. But fans need fear not, as Deathstroke may now be headed to the big screen. In a recent Q&A with Arrow and The Flash‘s executive producer Marc Guggenheim, the prolific comic book writer revealed that they have plans for Deathstroke.

While early rumors pointed out a secret role in the upcoming Suicide Squad film, I’d put my money on him either showing up in his own solo film or possibly a live action Teen Titans film. Either way, prepare for the DCEU hype train increase ten fold!