Once Again, Ghostface Killah Continues To Troll Martin Shkreli

blame it on Meka February 9, 2016

While, sometimes, I’m here for back-and-forths between two people (I mean, we troll those who try us on our Twitter feed every now and then), after a while it gets pretty… well, trite and non-sensical. So, I’m hoping this is the last time Ghostface Killah responds to this douche-monkey, especially considering that the guy could see some prison time (the ultimate batch of irony) in the near future.

After the pharma bro dropped a “SMACK”-style video response – backed by three other idiots in masks flanking him – saying some unflattering things and threatening Tony before demanding an apology, Ghost responded in kind: he insults Martin, he insults his shady business practices, he shames his entire life, and then has his mother and sister jump in on the action a la The Outlawz on 2Pac’s “Hit ‘Em Up.” At this point it’s clear that Martin is doing this to have some kind of relevancy in a culture that doesn’t want, need or desire his ilk, so let’s hope that this is the final response from Ghost so that the guy can go crawl under an inmate somewhere and leave hip hop alone.