V. Bozeman – “You Can’t Break Me” f. Tyrese

blame it on Patrick Glynn February 12, 2016

The wonderful voice of V. Bozeman returns with a female-empowering tune of hope and strength called “You Can’t Break Me” featuring Tyrese.

Detailing a relationship full of abuse and cheating, V. Bozeman stands tall with the datum “you can’t break me, because you didn’t make me.” Tyrese appears in the last third of the song appearing as the man who’s cause Bozeman a slew of pain, asking (in typical scum) for her to forgive him, because he’s admitted his mistakes, so they can get on and create a family together. Before the song ends, he threatens, “You know God damn well I’m not going nowhere,” with unfortunately no response from Bozeman. Hopefully this is the first act of a longer play where Bozeman doesn’t give in to the run-of-the-mill response from Tyrese.

Listen to “You Can’t Break Me”