Tonio Sagan – “Stuff Dreams Are Made Of”

blame it on JES7 February 14, 2016

As his surname might suggest, Massachusetts upstart producer Tonio Sagan is a distant relative of esteemed astrophysicist Carl Sagan. In fact, the highly revered scientist is actually the grandfather of Tonio – and much like him, and very much not like B.o.B – they share the same belief truth that the Earth is indeed round.

The airy production of “Stuff Dreams Are Made Of” starts off with a vocal sample of his late grandfather, followed by spacey live bass played by Garrett Sawyer, a few samples lifted from Aerosmith, Biggie and Nas, some familiar keys as heard on Gary Jules’ “Mad World” and drums by Demse Zullo.

Via the official press release:

The drum recording is from the first and tragically last show Demse performed in a project with DJ Neb and Tonio. Zullo passed away with his good friend Budzy in a tragic automobile accident shortly after. It’s a beautiful tribute not only to Zullo but all the important lives we’ve lost over the years.

Take a journey through the cosmos and press play below.