Puff Daddy & LL Cool J Trace Their Ancestry On ‘Finding Your Roots’

blame it on Meka February 17, 2016

PBS’ “Finding Your Roots” is a fascinating television show. Hosted by historian Henry Louis Gates Jr, the show traces both the genealogical backgrounds and family histories of celebrity guests. Last night’s (February 16th) episode was a special one: preceding the documentary “The Black Panthers: Vanguard of the Revolution,” “Roots” featured both the familial backgrounds of both Puff Daddy and LL Cool J.

While the two have disclosed some information of their personal lives throughout their musical careers (LL Cool J, most notably, revealed his turmoil on his 1998 single “Father,” while Puff’s dad Melvin was an associate Frank Lucas), the two were unaware of how deep their, well, roots went. While it was revealed that that the woman LL has known as his maternal grandmother actually isn’t related to him at all, it turns out that a great-grandfather of Puff’s was born a free man (sadly, this was a rarity back then). The entire 60-minute episode was rather amazing, and should definitely be watched.

Watch a preview of it below.