Snoop Dogg: Your Newest Burger King Hot Dog Trainer

blame it on Meka February 17, 2016

My very first job was that of a delivery driver at a Pizza Hut in Long Beach off of Atlantic Ave. The act of actually working for said Pizza Hut was an artful display of debauchery (more than a couple co-workers would hook up after hours on the ingredients table), disgusting finessing (the things we did to the food sometimes…) and other such acts that have caused me to boycott all things — even the sodas! — Pizza Hut since then. Now, watching this new Burger Kind “training video” for their hot dogs is bad enough (seriously, who would have a hankering for hot dogs from Burger King?), but adding rap’s “never-say-no-to-anything” pitchman Snoop Dogg — shill of Old Navy, rum, video games, malt liquor and other such products — takes the cake.

Granted, this is all jokes (Calvin is a “Grilled Dogs training ambassador”), but the question still remains: who would eat hot dogs from Burger King? But, alas, this is the same corporation that had Mary J Blige doing this, so nobody should be shocked at this.

See, this is why I only get a McFlurry, once every three to five years.