The People Vs. Pusha T: King Push Talks Braids, “Grindin'” & More

blame it on Patrick Glynn February 19, 2016

Pusha T is the latest to join Noisey’s “The People Vs.” segment (Mick Jenkins, A$AP Rocky), responding to comments and questions on Youtube from Clipse’s “Grindin'” video. Throughout the Q&A, Pusha discusses how much he and No Malice paid for the “Casio keyboard beat” (commenter’s smack talk, not mine), his braids and their relation to Allen Iverson and adjusting to the current sound in music.

My favorite part of the segment was the final question, which had a commenter asking “where’s the realness” in hip-hop after saying how the popular music today isn’t as good, per say, as Clipse’s “Grindin.” Pusha then acknowledged that while it may not be as good or what some old heads like, he also attributed not changing with the times as a reason many of the greats’ peak years didn’t last more than four or five years. “Embrace new energy, man,” he said.

Watch “The People Vs. Pusha T” below.