Kendrick Lamar Talks Religion & Violence in ‘NOISEY: Bompton’ pt.4

blame it on Meka February 21, 2016

Following profiles on local artists Lil L and Hitta J3, the focal point of episode four of “NOISEY: Bompton” takes a more ecclesiastical turn.

As evidenced throughout his two major label albums, Kendrick Lamar frequently incorporates the themes of religion and spirituality throughout his music, which stems from the church used as a means of an escape from their harsh world. That role is further explored in the episode, as VICE heads to the Greater Zion Family Church in Compton to discuss how religion and the streets intersect with Pastor Michael Fisher. Fisher talks about the neighborhood and how, sadly, not even the church is immune to gang violence.

‘Bompton’ then heads to Campanella Park, the epicenter of the Pirus (and a Blood territory that borders on a Crip neighborhood), and are introduced to another of Kendrick’s friends G. Weed. Weed, a lifelong resident, describes his own upbringing and life in the neighborhood, as well as its violent dichotomy.

UPDATE: Watch episodes five and six, below.