DaM-FunK – “Won’t Stop”/”Funk”

blame it on Patrick Glynn February 22, 2016

Just last week, when DaM-FunK dropped “Secure,” I said how the funk master is one of the few people I enjoy consistently releasing music, because it’s always good quality. Some artists in the music realm love dropping a song a week, but rarely do songs that can easily slide into rotation come from such a high volume. That isn’t the case with DaM-FunK.

Today, the Cali native dropped two new songs via Stones Throw. The best part? They were recorded YESTERDAY. “Won’t Stop,” an abstract cut full of airy synthesizers similar to most of Dam’s most recent loosies, and “Funk,” which in contrast is lead by a deep, dark bass line, can both be enjoyed at your sonic pleasure below.

“Won’t Stop”: