OG Maco – “30 Hours For Pablo Dylan”

blame it on Patrick Glynn February 23, 2016

The original version of Kanye West’s “30 Hours” — before Andre 3000 decided he wants to tease the living hell out of us by harmonizing with the sample on the song — had two minutes of just beat ride out into the sunset. Naturally, in the rap world, this is perfect opportunity to to grab a piece of it, loop it and easily make your own remix to the The Life Of Pablo tune. OG Maco adds himself to the growing list of artists dishing their remixes to TLOP songs (Rick Ross, Key Wane) doing just that, creating “30 Hours For Pablo Dylan.”

There are two great things going on with this remix: 1) It’s actually really fucking good. If you gave me a laundry list of rappers I’d expect to remix this song and do it well, OG Maco probably wouldn’t be near the top. But I’m always welcome for a nice surprise. His flow and cadence is a little similar to Rozay’s, but that’s not all too surprising for two trap rappers from the South. 2) The ATL native dedicated this song to his friend and producer Pablo Dylan. Not because he’s sick. Not because he’s not with us anymore. But because “thats my nigga and this shit still Tax Free.”

Listen to the remix below.