Sap – “C4” f. Mac Miller

blame it on JES7 February 27, 2016

Here’s a true funny/fucked up story.

On one of our deployments, a Marine, who we’ll call “Jeremy” decided that the military just wasn’t for him. Jeremy wanted out. And fast. So dumb ass Jeremy thought it was a bright idea to get “white boy wasted” one night and blow up a C-4 charge in a trashcan. Little did Jeremy know that, despite all of his effort, he could not set off the charge by applying heat from a lighter to it. How Jeremy passed bootcamp is beyond me. Eventually, he learned that in order to set said C-4 charge, he’d need a form of explosive that could produce a shock wave with very extreme heat. So he scrambled around and found a 40 mm grenade and launched it at the charge. Well, it worked. The only problem was, he stood too close to the trash can and blew his fucking arm off. Jeremy got evacuated off the premises and, in a happy ending, he got what he wanted. Discharge from the Marines.

Anyway, Delaware producer-on-the-mic Sap enlists the assistance of Mac Miller for the explosive new single, “C4.” Hear it below.