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PREMIERE: Rocco Moon – “Rain”

blame it on Patrick Glynn February 29, 2016

Rocco Moon is mentally struggling, and the way he’s coping is the way millions do. A resident of Los Angeles by way of Waco, Texas, the singer/rapper/producer has experienced long-lasting bouts depression and an uneasy lifestyle.

“Nowadays it’s Adderall, used to be Ritalin,” he spits, before evolving to “a little bit of drink and a little bit of smoking.” And it’s all to help the “Rain,” the name of his new single and in his case, the grips of anxiety and prescription drugs he’s using to cope, go away. Self-described as a family member of someone famous, he looked to guidance from his uncle, who, it turns out, coped the same way.

Rocco Moon seems to be enveloped by the shadows of the people who surround him. But there, where the dark rain is falling, is where he found love, comfort and hope. “I always felt like rain was this 3rd dimension emotional and environmental detergent — cleansing and purifying,” Rocco said in an email. While he uses the coping mechanisms to help deter mental struggles, for now, he’s in love and happy, which is both beautiful and heartbreaking.

Listen to “Rain” below.