Watch Episode 1 of Aesop Rock’s ‘The Impossible Kid’ Web Series

blame it on Patrick Glynn March 8, 2016

With Aesop Rock‘s The Impossible Kid set to grace our lives April 29, the New York native is rolling out a weekly web series where he discusses different songs, themes and the process of the album. The first episode, “Sorry I’m Late,” has Aesop showing up late to a therapy session in the woods, which is held and attended by animated animals from the surrounding environment.

The episode details the first step in the process of making the album — moving to the middle of nowhere, and, more specifically, a barn. He talks about how he felt his life was getting too repetitive, so when the opportunity to live in a barn came up, he took it.

Watch the first episode with Aesop Rock and Dr. Izzo, PhD below.