Charles Hamilton – “Defensive Player Of The Year” & “Okay”

blame it on Patrick Glynn March 8, 2016

After making an official return to the music world with his The Black Box EP last year, Charles Hamilton has stayed consistent (as he usually has) with releasing new tunes. He followed the EP with with Loud and Wrong, an eight-track project dedicated to bloggers deep-rooted in Hamilton’s career, in addition to delivering solid freestyles on DJBooth’s “Bless The Booth” series.

Today, the Harlem native delivers two new songs, “Defensive Player Of The Year” and “Okay.” The first, as the song’s name may indicate, features Hamilton boasting about his ability to ignore and fight through rumors and shit-talking from those surrounding him. After taking the defensive stance so often over his career, he declares himself the defensive player of the year. “They holla, but I’m not around,” he delivers in a sing-songy tune.

There’s no doubt Hamilton’s got talent, and he’s made it pretty clear he’s going to release music on his watch over the course of his career. So we’ll just have to continue take samplings in whatever size they come. Listen to Hamilton’s two new songs below.

“Defensive Player Of The Year”: