Allen Poe – “Memory” (prod. Denmark Vessey)

blame it on Patrick Glynn March 9, 2016

Kentucky emcee Allen Poe returns to the DopeHouse with his first contribution in 2016 with the Demmark Vessey-produced “Memory.”

Often when we’re going through our lives, we don’t realize until later how special some moments can be down the road — and that’s due in part to us often being stuck in our phones, laptops, etc. Remember when Steph nailed that 35-footer to beat KD, Westbrook and the Thunder a couple weeks ago? Or when Beyoncé dropped an album in the middle of the night? There’s large group of people (me included) whose reflex was to tweet about it, make our opinions and involvement in the moment known immediately, but down the road, we’ll be able to take a step back and realize the long-lasting memory that moment created.

Allen Poe discussed his song in an email:

“Memory” is an easy going consideration of how our past has a strong role in our present thinking. Even when a lot of our thinking is guided by some form of technology, our memories will always factor prominently in our psyche. A lot of references in the song are loosely associated to the idea that what we keep in our mind or allow space for in our consciousness, effect what we pursue and how confidently we pursue.

Stream “Memory” below.