Mac Miller Has More Words For Donald Trump On ‘The Nightly Show’

blame it on Meka March 10, 2016

The history between Mac Miller and Donald Trump has been a long and storied one, with Miller dropping the song trolling him on his 2011 mixtape Best Day Ever and Trump inexplicably believing that the song was complimentary (or had anything to do with him in general) before threatening to sue him for royalties once the song went platinum. Mac would speak on the fallout from the song between the two on a recent episode of The Nightly Show, back when people didn’t think it was possible for the guy to actually win the Republican presidential nomination.

With things now, ironically, looking like he will actually do it, Miller returned to the show to provide some thoughts on the guy. And similar to Neil DeGrasse Tyson’s salvo at B.o.B, Mac let the mic drop on Trump too.