Reese – “Freak Nique” (Video)

blame it on Meka March 10, 2016

I, as well as a good chunk of viewers of this site, have never been to Freaknik as we were either too young or didn’t even exist when it was around. However, there’s been so many videos inspired by, think pieces about or grainy YouTube clips from the events that we all can experience it somewhat. Being real, I’m sure there’s some people out there who were conceived at Freaknik. Imagine that story…

And so we come to Reese‘s interpretation on the once-cultural phenom, used in support of his recent mixtape DSNRTRAPN 2. It certainly has some of its amenities: women writhing seductively on cars, heavy bass, and an overall sense of wanton nihilism that’s fueled by sex, weed and some of the best times Atlanta has to offer. Perhaps the city should just break down and do another Freaknik, for old times’ sake.