Anna Wise – “BitchSlut” (Video)

blame it on Patrick Glynn March 11, 2016

I hate it when we miss songs as good as this.

Anna Wise, the lead singer of SonnyMoon and a frequent collaborator on Kendrick Lamar‘s last three projects, has started to branch off on her own solo career. After getting the soothing and intimate “Precious Possession” in February, she follows up with the empowering “BitchSlut.”

Too often, women are attempted to be degraded with terms like “bitch” and “slut,” but the Brooklyn-based singer takes those terms and shoves them right up the ass of the people who said them. “I know what kind you are: If I say ‘no,’ I’m a bitch; say ‘yes,’ I’m a slut,” she sings on the hook, pointing out the hypocrisy in the people who seemingly just don’t want women to breathe.

The idea revolving around the song is: women are beautiful, and they’re never “asking for it,” and don’t be a damn dick head and call women derogatory names because they doesn’t want to be with you.

Watch the Patti Miller-directed video, which was shot all on an iPhone, above.