Carlos Niño – “It’s All Happening!” f. Madlib & Miguel Atwood-Ferguson

blame it on Meka March 14, 2016

Carlos Niño, along with Miguel Atwood-Ferguson, are the masterminds behind the 2010 J Dilla tribute project Suite For Ma Dukes, where they and a 40-piece orchestra reinterpreted some of James Yancey’s most popular songs as classical renditions. Niño will return with a new project Flutes, Echoes, It’s All Happening! on April 22nd, which will feature all-new music from a myriad of collaborators: Kamasi Washington, Madlib, and Antwood-Ferguson, among others.

To set things off, Niño reveals the first single “It’s All Happening!” With guests Miguel and Madlib, the song is a fusion of traditional boom bap and classical strings that instantly brings back memories of Niño and Antwood’s Suite sessions.

The tracklisting for Flutes, Echoes, It’s All Happening! is as followed:

1. Jupiter Sings f. Iasos
2. Metamaravilla f. Luis Pérez Ixoneztli (with strings by Miguel Atwood-Ferguson)
3. It’s All Happening! f. Madlib (with strings by Miguel Atwood-Ferguson])
4. Calimayan f. Nate Morgan & Yaakov Levy]
5. Alice’s Chord (Live) f. Yaakov Levy & Dexter Story
6. Joyous Gratitude (Live) f. The Cosmic Band & Kamasi Washington
7. Delightfulllll/Waterfall f. Iasos
8. 4 Directions Collage (with strings by Miguel Atwood-Ferguson)
9. Aetheriaztlan f. Turn On The Sunlight & Aztlan Unearthed